We are Andrew & Laurie Johnson of Johnson Livestock, a multi generational Century farm. We work together with Andrew’s parents David and Anne Johnson and our children, Brielle and Malcolm McConnell, Maya, Desta & Indy.

For the past 18 years we have focused our operation around our purebred Black Angus business. While Angus is still a passion of ours, we dispersed the majority of that herd in December of 2020 and are turning our focus to breeding top quality commercial cattle.

We are also excited to be offering homegrown Angus beef locally and delivering into Regina and surrounding areas. There is a growing interest in where the food consumers are eating is coming from and we believe it is important that people feel a connection to their food. We continue to be passionate about the Angus breed and know that the quality of Angus beef has set the bar for all other breeds.

Agriculture is a family business and we all contribute here on our operation. We invite you to join us over on Instagram where we love sharing the story of our farm with our community.